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Cheerios Christmas Ad
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WATCH: Classic Cheerios Christmas ad remade in 2020

Peggy Miley and Delfina Booth reunite to film a remake of the classic 1999 Cheerios Christmas ad. (Cheerios / YouTube)

It’s been 21 years since Peggy Miley filmed a classic Cheerios Christmas ad focusing on the importance of family being together for the holidays. Now, thanks to a viral TikTok and in the midst of a global pandemic, that ad is coming back.

Back in 1999 Cheerios released a Christmas ad with a kindly grandmother explaining to her granddaughter how glad she was to spend her first holiday together. Using Cheerios on the baby’s high chair Grandma explained the big trip that she and all the baby’s family made to be together for Christmas.

After revisiting that commercial, TikTok creator Cori Spruiell posted a video pitching General Mills the idea of a 2020 remake.

“I am making myself cry over this Christmas commercial idea,” Spruiell said during her video.

Holding back some tears, she explained how the original commercial went and how now, in the middle of a pandemic, the message of being together even if we can’t be “together” for the holiday season would be especially touching.

“And like, I’m going to cry!” she continued, “(But the) baby and grandma are still like ‘together’ but on zoom or whatever.”


@corispruiellListen you guys I just really love emotionally manipulative advertising 😭 ##generalmills ##cheerios ##christmascommercial ##fyp ##foryou ##WorkingAtHome♬ original sound – Cori Spruiell


General Mills must’ve loved the idea because they brought back the original cast and released an updated version, with grandma and all–just in time for Christmas.

β€œOur team was really excited when we saw [Spruiell’s] post because we felt like it was such a true insight on what is going on today,”  Taylor Roseberry, assistant brand experience manager at Cheerios said. β€œIn re-watching that 1999 commercial, it brought back so much joy. We felt really inspired by it. So, we quickly pulled a group together to figure out how we could respond to Cori’s video.” 

Cheerios was able to contact and bring together the original cast all of whom were excited to be a part of the story again.

β€œIt was delightful on all levels,” Miley said. β€œAfter the original, I was often asked if I was the β€˜Cheerios Grandma’ and it was very nice to have done something that reflects on the nicest aspect of family life. I am blessed to still be working and enjoying it so much.” 

Miley is now 79-years-old and is still working as an actor in Los Angeles.

Delfina Booth who was the baby in the commercial is now 21 years old and studying media at Georgia Tech said it was a surprise to hear from Cheerios again but was glad to be a part of it.

“I was too young to remember my experience filming the Cheerios holiday commercial,” she said.  “But I get the same warm feeling both re-watching the original commercial and participating in its recreation,” Booth said in a statement. “I can’t wait for fans’ reactions to the spot because while I’ve grown up, the importance of connecting with one’s loved ones has only gotten stronger.”

Cheerios said they hope this year’s commercial can help remind everyone that regardless of the distance, traditions can still be kept alive and connections can be made no matter where families are.


They’ve also released another short reminder from Grandma on TikTok reminding the kids to quit scrolling and call a loved one!

@cheeriosListen to Grandma πŸ’›β™¬ original sound – cheerios

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