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Amazon employees Christmas Box Salt Lake donations
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Utah Amazon employees deliver $90K in donations to local nonprofits

SLC1 General Manager Nathan Fetherson presents Richard Paul Evans of The Christmas Box International. Photo credit: Amazon

SALT LAKE CITY — With input from their local employees, Amazon fulfillment centers and delivery stations in Utah identified areas where they could help spread the Christmas spirit this year.

As a result, Amazon was able to make available more than $90,000 in grants and donations to a dozen nonprofits and first responders agencies in Utah.

Suggestions from Utah Amazon employees

The project started when Amazon asked employees for their suggestions. The company wanted to know which organizations could use Amazon’s help. Then, according to a statement, each Amazon location in Utah presented grants averaging $15,000 to support the employee-named organizations.

In one example, Amazon’s Salt Lake City fulfillment center packaged and delivered “smile boxes” filled with toys and a check for $15,000 to The Christmas Box International.

“We are happily blown away by the generosity and heart of our amazing Amazon friends,” said Richard Paul Evans, author and founder of The Christmas Box International.  “Their compassion left us fumbling for words to express our sincerest gratitude.”

Utahns will likely be familiar with Richard Paul Evans.  In 1996, he created a Christmas Box House in Utah. Named after his first novel, Evans calls the Christmas Box House a “safe place for children.” 

The Christmas Box organizers believe that the recent donation by Amazon will provide gifts to nearly 2,800 at-risk kids in the Salt Lake area.

Food, water, and PPEs (more than just masks)

Along with cash, Utah’s Amazon employees delivered food, bottled water, PPE, toys, winter clothes, and other essential items to Utah non-profits.

“We are grateful for the generous support from Amazon this holiday,” said Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla. 

“As I look back on 2020 and all the challenges we have faced as a region, I am encouraged to see companies like Amazon that continue to grow, creating new jobs and investing in our state’s economy,” Escamilla said.

Highlight on West Jordan

Speaking of PPE, or personal protective equipment, employees from Amazon’s West Jordan fulfillment center specifically donated 16,000 PPE items to the West Jordan Police Department. Those items included masks for school crossing guards, bulletproof vests for the K-9 unit, and automated external defibrillators (AED) devices for all ten fire departments in West Jordan.

“West Jordan has graciously welcomed Amazon, so we wanted to return that generosity and support our neighbors during a time when it’s needed most,” said Ben Anderson, general manager of the West Jordan fulfillment center.

Amazon’s West Jordan employees also volunteered with South Valley Services. Based in West Jordan, South Valley Services helps women, children, and men who have been impacted by domestic violence.  

“Unprecedented times like these lead to unprecedented needs in our communities,” said Alex Higbee, who oversees Amazon’s delivery station network in the state. “Amazon is committed to supporting the communities where we operate, and I’ve seen the dedication and passion employees have for giving back.”

Currently, Amazon employees over 5,000 full-time employees in Utah.

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