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stolen ambulance
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Ogden Fire ambulance stolen while crew helped patient; later located

An amblance stolen overnight was located Sunday thanks to an alert neighbor who called police. Photo: Ogden Fire Department

OGDEN, UT — An ambulance stolen from the Ogden Fire Department early Sunday morning has been located.

An Ogden Fire Department crew had responded to a call for help early Sunday morning but could not transfer the patient to a hospital because they report that Ambulance 3 had been stolen.

The theft occurred in the area of 3rd Street and Washington Blvd, in Ogden. 

In a statement, Ogden Fire said that after police were notified they began tracking the ambulance.

They also elicited help from the public with a post on Facebook:

And it was a citizen that called 911 to report they’d seen an ambulance parked in a neighbor’s backyard.  

stolen ambulance Ogden

Location in Ogden where a stolen Ogden Fire Dept. ambulance was retrieved. Photo credit: Ogden Fire

Ogden Fire says there was no damage to the ambulance, and that all of the equipment carried in the ambulance was present when they found the vehicle.

The Ogden Police Department continues to search for a person of interest in the case.