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US Capitol on lockdown as protesters storm the building

WASHINGTON– The US Capitol is on lockdown as protesters opposing the electoral vote count for President-elect Joe Biden break barriers to storm the building. The Senate halted the Electoral College debate due to the protesters breaking into the Capitol. 

US lawmakers shelter in place 

 Lawmakers have been given gas masks after reports of tear gas being used on protesters who breached the Rotunda. 


Additional members of Congress are sheltering in place and other buildings are evacuating.


Utah Rep. John Stewart posted a video on Twitter stating and his staff members are safe inside the Capitol.

“It’s totally inappropriate what’s happening here at the Capitol,” said the Congressman. “This is not who we are, we’re better than this.”


Documentation of protesters at the Capitol 

Videos surfacing on Twitter display mass crowds tearing down security fencing and scaling barriers as federal law enforcement use tactics such as tear gas and pepper spray to stop the crowds from barging the Capitol. 

Warning: the above video does contain explicit language.  



Protesters have climbed the scaffolding outside Senate and started banging on the windows. 


It’s unclear how many buildings are currently under evacuation orders and how many congressional officials are sheltering in place. 

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