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when to start seeds indoors
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When to start seeds indoors | The KSL Greenhouse Show

As winter strings along many gardeners can become eager about when to start seeds indoors. Jaydee Gunnell and Sheriden Hansen say January is not the time. 

When is it too early to start planting seeds indoors? 

Right now it is important to take cues from nature and not get too eager about planting seeds but it is always a good time to start planning.

Jaydee Gunnell explained that the end of March to the first of April is a good time to get started. 

“You can always look at the backside of a seed packet to find the best time for specific plants,” Sheridan Hansen explained. 

Right now the best thing to do is research, plan, and organize. 

“I have to have a spreadsheet tell me what to do because my brain is scrambled,” Hansen explained

Gunnell explained he uses The Gardeners Almanac as a great tool. 

You may have to adjust the dates just barely based on where you are but it is a great tool to use.


Why can’t I start early? 

“We tend to think bigger is always better but that may not be the case,” Hansen explained. 

Plants will get leggy and end up not looking great if they are planted too early.

“Some of the nutritional needs are harder to manage as plants get a little bit older,” – said Hansen. 

Another factor would be that the containers may become too small, Maria Shilaos explained. 


What can I plan for? 

There are many things you can start to think of right now. One being to plan your containers, it is important to ensure you have a great container size. 

Make sure you have a really good light source and plan your seeds.  

Sheriden Hansen explained that purchasing your seeds from local nurseries is a great option as many are well adapted to Utah. 

If you would prefer to order online there are companies that specifically focus on different plants as well. 

Some examples:

Totally Tomatoes


Can I start my seeds in a window? 

Typically it is not enough light, it is better to have a focused light set up. 


Listen to the full podcast below for more on when to start seeds indoors. 

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