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Rep John Curtis capitol protest impeachment
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Rep. Curtis supports impeachment process, but not hurried timeline

FILE -- Rep. John Curtis speaks to reporters at KSL Broadcast house. (Photo: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News File)

SALT LAKE CITY — Congressman John Curtis (R-UT) said on Monday that he supports the possibility of a second impeachment process against President Trump, but not the hurried timeline now being discussed.

In a statement, Curtis said he condemns the violence seen in Washington D.C. last week. He also said he supports consequences for those who he said “played a role,” in the protest.

And he said he supports an “impeachment process with hearings, witnesses, and testimony,” as well as “an appropriately worded censure,” but he stopped there.

Curtis said he believes the hurried timeline of a short impeachment process, potentially lasting only 48 hours, “has no chance of reaching a thoughtful conclusion.”

The Congressman’s statement further highlighted a fast impeachment “holds no consideration for the millions [of] people who have voted for [President Trump] and will do nothing to unite the country.”


On Wednesday, January 6, thousands of people who support Mr. Trump rallied near the U.S. Capitol as senators and representatives met to formalize the Electoral College vote count for President-elect Joe Biden.

After a rally attended by the president and others, a large group of supporters marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, where some of the protestors violently entered the Capitol building.

Once inside, some of the protestors vandalized congressional offices, leading to the evacuation of the Senate and House Representatives. To date, five people have died from the events of the capitol protest.

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