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Utah delegation responds to inauguration
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Utah’s all-GOP delegation reacts to Biden, Harris inauguration

Utah Reps. Burgess Owens and John Curtis attend the inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris on Jan, 20, 2021. Photo: Rep. John Curtis on Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY —  In tweets and written statements, Utah’s congressional delegation is weighing in on the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

In a tweet, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) mentioned the common ground he believes he shares with Pres. Biden on several issues including criminal justice reform and Sen. Lee expressed a desire for bipartisan success in the legislative process.

In a statement shared with the media, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said he felt Pres. Biden’s speech was strong and much needed, and he issued a call to Pres. Biden to “call upon our better angels to bring us together.”  Sen. Romney was one of the first Republicans to congratulate Joe Biden after it was clear Mr. Biden had garnered in excess of 270 Electoral College votes. 

New Utah congressman, Rep. Blake Moore also tweeted congratulations to Pres. Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris, and like Sen. Lee, said that he looks forward to finding common goals with the Biden administration.  

Utah’s other new congressman, Rep. Burgess Owens, issued a series of tweets on inauguration day, first thanking soldiers, airmen, and law enforcement officials in Washington D.C. for helping assure the safety of the inaugural events. 

Next, he noted his honor in celebrating a peaceful transition of power.

 Later in the day on Wednesday, Rep. Owens tweeted that he’d joined several of his colleagues in the Congress who’d pledged to “rise above the partisan fray [and] work toward meaningful change for Utah’s Fourth District” and all Americans.

 In his tweet, Rep. John Curtis noted his philosophical differences with Pres. Biden but that he respects the office of the presidency. Further, with a nod to the contentious 2020 election cycle, Rep. Curtis indicated that his presence at the inauguration on Wednesday should be viewed as his commitment to being an agent of “love and light” as opposed to “hate and darkness.”

 Rep. John Curtis wished the Biden Administration luck in a Tweet on Tuesday.