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Taylorsville SWAT standoff
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Two suspects in custody, identified, after Taylorsville SWAT standoff

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SALT LAKE CITY — Two people are in police custody and a third is on the loose after a SWAT standoff Saturday morning in Taylorsville.

The suspects, Samani Sekona, 34, of Salt Lake City, and Siosiane Taufa, 26, of Salt Lake City, were involved in the standoff with the SWAT team that began as a police chase on the area of 7200 South and the onramp to I-215 early Saturday morning.

Unified Police Department (UPD) spokesman Ken Hansen says a UPD officer began pursuing two vehicles with the belief that he was witnessing a road rage incident.

Hansen says the officer witnessed shots fired out of one of the vehicles toward the second vehicle. The police chase then continued onto NB Redwood Road. A second UPD officer joined in pursuit near 2200 West and 4700 South in Taylorsville.

The UPD says three people jumped out of one of the vehicles while it was still in gear, and one was arrested at that time by a K-9 officer.

According to police, at least one of the suspects then entered a home on Quailstone Drive. After police heard shots fired within the home, a SWAT team was notified. Upon arrival, they issued a warrant and entered the home where they detained a second suspect.

Police are still seeking a third suspect.

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