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avalanche northern utah
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Avalanche warning issued across mountains in northern Utah this weekend

A snowboarder was killed after triggering an avalanche near a Utah ski resort on Sunday morning. He has been identified as 45-year-old Raymond M. Tauszik of Salt Lake City. (Photo credit: Utah Avalanche Center)

SALT LAKE CITY — Forecasters with the Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) are warning residents of possible accidental avalanches in the backcountry across northern Utah this weekend. 

According to the avalanche forecast, avalanche danger is “high” in Ogden, Salt Lake City and Provo.

The possibly dangerous avalanche conditions are due to the lack of snowfall in the northern mountain region of Utah. 

“Heavy snow and drifting from strong winds have overloaded an exceptionally weak snowpack and created dangerous avalanche conditions,” forecasters said. 

Forcasters said they fear the fresh powder may entice inexperienced people into the backcountry avalanche terrain and warn human-triggered avalanches can be large, dangerous, unexpected and even deadly.   

For those brave enough to venture out into the backcountry under these conditions, UAC officials recommend people avoid travel on or underneath slopes steeper than about 30 degrees in the backcountry this weekend.

Additionally, UAC is advising anyone who plans to trek the backcountry this weekend to have proper avalanche training, travel with a buddy, and bring a beacon, probe and shovel. 

For more safety tips on visiting the backcountry during avalanche warnings, visit here