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U of U helicopter en route to rescue skiers caught in avalanche

PARK CITY, Utah — A helicopter from the University of Utah is en route to the location of an avalanche Saturday evening with officials reporting two skiers were caught in an avalanche. It was confirmed at least one of them was buried in the snow. 

The burial occurred near the Square Top area outside the Park City ski resort. Mark Staples with Utah Avalanche Center said Summit County was notified around 3:26 p.m. with the attempted rescue still taking place around 5:45 p.m.

Officials report minor injuries sustained to the individuals, who lost their skis during the avalanche. After emerging from the snowpack, the two skiers hobbled down the hill. 

As far as they know, only one individual was buried. Officials say the other may have dug out the buried skier and began performing CPR. 

The Square Top area is known for frequent avalanches in the backcountry area because of its steep, rocky terrain. 

Officials are warning of subsequent avalanches in the area because it’s more likely to happen once a previous avalanche loosens up the snow.