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Kaysville author fighting to remove fake books from Amazon

Jerald Simon holds a copy of a knock off version of his music book being sold on Amazon. Jerald Simon

KAYSVILLE, Utah — You’d expect a book entitled, “100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know” to have some music in it. But for customers around the globe, the books they received were full of blank pages.

The author, Jerald Simon, writes and sells music books and courses from his home in Kaysville and says he was tipped off to something amiss when customers started reaching out to complain.

That’s when he learned someone was selling a knock-off of one of his piano books on Amazon.

“When you open up the book it has page numbers, it says ‘page 1’ and ‘page 2,’ all the way throughout, but the entire book is blank,” Simon said. 

Simon says Amazon immediately took it off their US site when he told them about it, but he’s still trying to get it removed from Amazon sites in several other countries.

“It is still up on Amazon Germany, it is still up on Amazon Inda, Amazon Japan, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and I’m trying to get it removed from those sites,” Simon said.

Simon says he still doesn’t know who’s been publishing the knock off version of his book. But he’s felt bad for the people who bought the fake book, so he sent them a PDF copy of the real one for free.

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