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Clear the air
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“Clear the Air Challenge” continues to benefit Utah’s air

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SALT LAKE CITY — The “Clear the Air Challenge” is underway, aiming to benefit Utah’s air further.

With more Utahns working from home during the pandemic, local officials are hoping the air will continue to stay clean and clear this winter.  

The Salt Lake Chamber kicked off its 12th annual “Clear the Air Challenge” Monday. It encourages Utahns to find alternatives to driving alone. So far, the mission has eliminated more than 5,090 tons of emissions, organizers say.

As a result, the chamber says since the challenge started in 2009, the “Clear the Air Challenge” helped make a big difference in improving Utah’s air. This year, they have set a new goal to, “eliminate 100,000 single-occupant trips to save 2 million miles.”

You can be a part of the solution by signing their pledge here. 

You too can help “Clear the Air”

Check out these strategies on how you too can be a part of the solution to clean Utah’s air. 


Instead of traveling alone, you may ask friends to join you on your errands to complete them together. 

Use Mass Transit

There are buses, trains, and Traxs, oh my! Take advantage of your public transit that is there for you to take you from point A to B. 

Use Active Transportation 

We do live in one of the most active states. Go ahead and try out your active transportation to take a breath of fresh air. 

Telework or Working Remote

At this point we are all helping the environment by working from home; there is one positive to look at after the pandemic. 

Skip the Trip 

You may find that you want to go but you may not need to go, so you could skip the trip. 

Trip Train 

If you are running one errand you might as well run them all if they are in close proximity to one another.