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Utah Nonprofits Association

Utah’s nonprofits comfort, inspire, feed, shelter, heal, and educate people everywhere in Utah. Our communities see cleaner air and water, support for survivors of domestic violence, care for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, warm and safe places for people to sleep at night, enriched perspectives from the arts, respite for both children and adults as they come to the end of their lives, and other life-changing benefits from nonprofits living their missions. The people of Utah hold these missions in their heart and show that love by making Utah one of the most charitable states in the country.

Utah Nonprofits Association is the advocate, voice, sustainer, and preserver for each and every nonprofit in Utah. Its purpose is to support the nonprofit community so that they can support our communities in ways that lift every single Utahn. This work is challenging, and UNA makes sure that no nonprofit does it alone. To learn more visit

SelectHealth recognizes the substantial resources provided by the Utah Nonprofits Association as another example of how Utah Gives Back.