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Bill to end concealed carry permit requirement heads to desk of governor

In this April 29, 2016, photo, Anna Taylor, founder and CEO of Dene Adams LLC, displays a corset that allows for the concealed carrying of a firearm in Atlanta, GA. (AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Gov. Spencer Cox now has the final say over whether the requirement for a permit to carry concealed weapons in Utah will end, after the House signed off on a Senate amendment to the legislation.

Cox is expected to sign the bill, effectively ending the need for a concealed carry permit in Utah. 

Senators approved H.B. 60 on Friday on a vote of 22 to 6, requesting an amendment that adjusts what happens with funds from the permit program. Because some gun owners still need a permit to carry concealed in other states, the program will continue; however, funds from the permits will go toward the state’s suicide prevention fund. Representatives approved the final version of the bill on a 51-20 vote with that amendment. 

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Walt Brooks, R-St. George, pointed to studies from other states. They found that ending permit requirements did not result in increased suicides or violent crimes. Opponents of the bill argued gun owners shouldn’t miss out on the safety and suicide prevention training provided with the permit course. 

If signed by Cox, any Utahn over age 21 who can legally own a firearm could carry a concealed weapon in public without a permit. It would take effect May 5. 

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