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missing woman from Kearns Nicole Solorio-Romero, kearns kidnapping
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Kidnapping of Kearns woman frustrates police — lack of leads

Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25, was taken from her residence in Kearns in the area of 4800 West and 5400 South at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 6., according UPD. (UPD)

KEARNS, Utah — The investigation into the kidnapping and apparent shooting of a Kearns woman is hitting several roadblocks.  Police have asked the public for help finding her, but investigators aren’t getting many helpful details. 

Officials with the Unified Police Department said the kidnapping of Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero is an extremely frustrating case.  They said she was forcibly removed from her home near 5400 South and 4800 West in Kearns on Saturday afternoon. 

Sgt. Melody Cutler said that police asked the public for help identifying the men seen in doorbell video, but they haven’t received much information, yet.

“We have received leads, however, none of them have panned out and led us to anything that has been concrete,” she said.

Police don’t believe kidnapping of Kearns woman related to domestic violence

Investigators have no reason to believe the kidnapping was related to any domestic violence cases and they don’t have any evidence showing Solorio-Romero was involved in any kind of illegal activity. So they say they don’t know why anyone would target her. 

Cutler said police found evidence from the victim’s house which led them to another home in Salt Lake County.

“There was evidence in that house that led us to believe that she has been shot and is seriously injured,” Cutler said.

They have very little information about the man who reportedly took her, other than he’s a Hispanic man wearing a white hoodie.  A second man, a driver, was seen accompanying the suspect, but investigators were not able to get a clear description.

So, for now, the two vehicles seen in the video are still their most solid leads.

“Being able to find either one of those vehicles would be incredibly helpful,” Cutler said.

Vehicles of interest in kidnapping 

The first vehicle is a green four-door Camry.  The other is a white pickup with an orange or red snowplow attached to the front.  Cutler said the pickup has no writing or markings on the sides.

“It doesn’t appear, from the video, that there is a license plate on that Camry, which somebody could have taken off just to perform the kidnapping and put back on,” Cutler said.  “Obviously, the pickup is more distinct.”

Cutler said they have reason to believe Solorio-Romero was taken to Wyoming.  Anyone with information about this kidnapping is asked to call the Unified Police Department, Kearns division, at 385-468-9488.


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