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Lee, Romney feature prominently in day 2 of impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — Utah’s two US senators, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Mitt Romney, both Republicans, played a prominent role in day two of the impeachment trial, as Democratic House managers introduced evidence that involved each of them. 

Lee objected when the House manager brought up comments that he said Lee made.

It was about a phone call from former President Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, the day of the riot at the Capitol. It was a call meant for Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, and Lee handed over his cell phone.

“Statements were attributed to me repeatedly as to which I have personal knowledge because I am the source,” said Lee. “They are not true. I never made those statements. I ask that they be stricken. This has nothing to do with whether they’re based on depositions, which they’re not. It’s simply based on the fact that I’m the witness. I’m the only witness. Those statements are not true and I ask that you strike them.”

After Lee raised his objection, the lead House impeachment manager said they would withdraw the statements, though they reserved the right to bring them back up again as the trial moves forward.


Earlier in the day, Romney showed up in video testimony for the impeachment trial, in footage from inside Congress on Jan. 6.

In the video, Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman is seen running down the hall, directing Romney to a different hallway to safety.

That action alone likely kept the senator from coming face-to-face with the rioters, who were just on the floor below, trying to make their way onto the Senate floor.

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