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MUST WATCH: Texas mom tackles man she said was peeping in daughter’s bedroom

LAKE JACKSON, Texas — Dashcam video of a Texas mom is going viral after her near-perfect tackle of a man she said she caught peeping into her daughter’s bedroom late last year.

The video is blowing up across the internet after the dashcam recording of the Texas mom’s tackle released earlier this week.

Phyllis Pena was coming back from an early morning trip to the store when she said she saw a man in her yard peeking into her 15-year-old mother’s bedroom. Luckily, she said her daughter wasn’t inside

Pena said the man took off and she called the police. Shortly after, Officers in Lake Jackson found the man nearby but he tried to run away. 

That’s when Pena stepped in. Literally.

“[My] first instinct was just to make sure he didn’t go any further,” she told Click 2 Houston.

Pena was still outside with her daughter after police had arrived on the scene, and dashcam footage captured by one of the police cruisers shows the Texas mom taking a few steps out of her front yard before wrapping the fleeing man up in a perfect tackle.

The video then shows her daughter run out into the street to hold the man down.

“The cop fist-bumped me and he was like, ‘Hey, so I heard the Texans are looking for a new linebacker,’” Pena said.

The man they tackled was Zane Hawkins, 19. He has since been jailed and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest and resisting arrest. Local police say there could be more charges added. 

Pena said she loves her kids and was just making sure she was protecting them.

Online reaction to the Texas mom tackle

Pena’s impeccable form and rock-solid hit has taken the internet by storm, and people have some high praise for her motherly instincts.

Her form has also gained the attention of sports reporters and NFL scouts.

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