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snow storms
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UDOT snowplow crews prepare for expected snow storms

(Snowplows parked near UDOT Headquarters. Credit: Paul Nelson)

A series of snow storms is expected across Utah starting Thursday evening. Rain in the valleys will be changing to snow as the additional storms move through.

Until then, John Gleason with the Utah Department of Transportation reports valley snowplow crews will be working with mountain crews to keep roads open and safe. As much as 16 inches of snow is expected to come from storms in higher elevation areas of Utah.

Gleason said mild weather in the valleys of the Wasatch Front has helped construction crews make good progress on a number of projects, including the recently opened collector system through Sandy and Midvale.

Regular maintenance crews have also taken advantage of the weather.

“Down here in the valleys,” Gleason said. “Our crews haven’t been busy plowing snow, but they’ve been able to get a lot of other work responsibilities done, repairing potholes, clearing out gutters, storm drains.”

But that won’t be the case this weekend, and Gleason said drivers need to remember how to drive in snow and cooperate with snowplows on the highways.