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Utah avalanche
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 Avalanche report reveals details about avalanche in Millcreek Canyon

Wilson Glades in upper Millcreek Canyon, where an fatal avalanche originated Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021. Photo credit: Utah Avalanche Center, Logan
SALT LAKE CITY — A final report on last weekend’s deadly avalanche in Millcreek Canyon, describes what happened before the slide and what the report calls heroic efforts by survivors to rescue those buried in the snow.
The report says two groups of skiers chose the area known as Wilson Glade area because they thought it would be safer. One group skied in from Big Cottonwood Canyon, the other from Milcreek.
It says after the slide, two skiers, one who had clung to a tree and the other who was above the slide, worked to rescue the others. Two skiers were dug out successfully, four others were not.
They were later found in deep snow with their skis still attached.
The report says skiers from one group had already skied down the slope and were making their way back up when the slide gave way.
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