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salt lake county restaurants dine-in coronavirus temporarily closed
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Five bars temporarily closed for violating COVID-19 health orders

Restaurants and bars in Salt Lake County must follow the rules established in a public health order or face temporary closure. (Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake County Health Department has temporarily closed five bars and clubs for violating the state’s public health orders regarding COVID-19.

Five establishments temporarily closed 

The establishments temporarily closed include Echo, Karma, Lake Effect, Twist and 60 West Market Street (formerly known as the New Yorker.) 

According to health officials, the five locations reportedly violated one or more of the state’s three requirements for operating during the pandemic. Under the public health order, each staff member must wear a face mask while working. Additionally, each patron who enters the business must wear a face mask and practice at least six feet of physical distance, including in entrances or exits.

State Public Health Order 2021-3 says the physical distance requirement pertains to separate household groups at a business other than a bar or restaurant; or a separate party at a bar or restaurant.

Repeat offenders 

Echo, Lake Effect and Twist previously received written warnings for not meeting COVID-19 health order requirements.

Echo previously received a Notice of Violation & Order of Restriction in September of last year. They later filed a lawsuit with the county health department over the restrictions.

The complaint was filed in 3rd District Court. It claimed the enforcement efforts made it impossible to follow the law. They also claimed the restrictions severely damaged their business.

To reopen, each business must send a written plan to the county health department explaining how they will begin complying with and enforcing the health order.

Both Lake Effect and Twist have already sent those plans to Salt Lake County; health officials approved those plans, meaning the establishments can resume business operations.

Additionally, three more establishments received written warnings over the weekend. Those businesses are Soundwell, Wasted Space and London Belle.

All three were able to remain open, although they could face possible closure if repeated violations occur. 

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