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Millcreek avalanche
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Millcreek avalanche survivor speaks out about fatalities

MILLCREEK, Utah — One of the survivors of the Millcreek avalanche that claimed the lives of four people is speaking out. Chris Gmitro survived the avalanche by hanging onto a tree. 

Gmitro also saved two other skiers from a different group by helping them dig out. However, his long-term girlfriend, Sarah, and two others in his party had passed away in the accident. 

In an interview with KSL TV Gmitro told KSL TV he hopes no one else will have to go through the same pain. Even though there were avalanche warnings they knew of, Gmitro recalls the day being perfect for backcountry skiing. 

Sarah and Gmitro have been backcountry skiing for years and never thought they would find themselves in this situation. Then when tragedy struck, so did his fight or flight senses.

Gmitro survived by hanging onto a tree but by the time he got to Sarah, his girlfriend, it was too late. Additionally, two other people in their group lost their lives in the avalanche. 

He is being hailed a hero for saving two other people but he said, “the heroic thing would have been to ski somewhere else.”