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Let Me Speak to the Governor
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Gov. Cox: Misinformation about COVID vaccines is dangerous

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox answered a number of questions about the COVID-19 vaccination program during KSL NewsRadio’s monthly “Let Me Speak to the Governor” program.

Here’s a rundown of what he discussed: 

Callers asked whether someone who cares for an elderly parent could get vaccinated at the same time as the patient. Cox replied it might be hard to wait for the younger person, but allowing that caregiver to get a shot now would mean an older person at higher risk of dying from COVID-19 would have to wait.


Cox was also asked about a story the caller had read online saying the COVID-19 vaccine is deadly and that people should not get the shot.

“I’ll tell you what’s far more dangerous than the vaccine, and that’s being online and listening to some of the so-called experts,” the governor responded during the “Let Me Speak to the Governor.” He went on to say the vaccines have been extensively studied and proven safe and effective.

Another caller asked when mask mandates will subside as vaccinations become more widespread in the community. Once the shots are available to everyone without restrictions for age or prior medical conditions, he said that could happen. That could be as soon as May.

“It’s not upon everyone to protect everyone else,” Cox said. “It’s your decision, and that’s at the latest when we would be able to get rid of those mask mandates.”

Gov. Cox announced earlier Thursday that those 65 and older would be allowed to get COVID-19 vaccinations immediately. On March 1, those with severe chronic health conditions can sign up for the shots.


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