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Attorney General Utah, employers to require employee vaccinations
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Bill preventing employers to require employee vaccinations moves to final vote

(Photo: Utah State Senate Twitter)

SALT LAKE CITY — Should your employer be able to require you to get a vaccine? One bill moving through Utah’s senate says no.

Under this bill, your employer couldn’t require you to get a vaccine unless you worked in healthcare and were at significant risk of exposure.

An original version of the bill made it so your employer couldn’t require any medical procedure but it was changed to just vaccines after someone expressed concerns that it could affect things like drug testing. 

Some lawmakers are worried that not requiring vaccines could affect large companies in Utah like Delta and those who send workers to and from the state. 

The Senate passed the latest version in an early vote which moves it to a final vote.

The bill’s sponsor says he’s going to continue to work on the language before the final Senate vote.


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