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jared nicol hildale city council
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Jared Nicol, Hildale council member, jailed on suspicion of stalking

FILE: Overview showing the twin cities of Colorado City, Arizona on the Utah border next to the twin city of Hildale, Utah Thursday, Feb. 19, 2004. Photo by Tom Smart

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A member of the Hildale City Council was jailed earlier this week and faces counts of stalking and domestic violence.

According to police documents, Jared Nicol, age 46, had blocked the driveway of his ex-wife’s home on Wednesday as he dropped off his child after a scheduled visitation.

Police say that because Nicol did not move his car, his ex-wife was forced to drive down a hill to exit the property and that in a continued effort to block his ex-wife, his vehicle lurched forward nearly striking her vehicle.

Jared Nicol “followed for 10 miles”

Nicol’s ex-wife then told police that as she drove, Nicol was following her. She said he continued to follow her for more than 10 miles before she called police to say she was fearful for herself and her children.

Jared Nicol, photo, Washington County Sheriff

According to the St. George News, Colorado City marshal officers later arrested Nicols.

Nicol’s ex-wife was not alone in the vehicle, her husband Brent North was also in the car along with several children.  North reportedly has an existing protective order against Jared Nicol intended to prevent Nicol from stalking or harassing North.

Police say that Nicol violated that order by blocking the driveway, lurching his car forward, and following the car driven by his ex-wife.

Nicol part of historic election

Nicol was elected to a seat on the Hildale City Council in a historic election for the city. In 2017 for the first time, a mayor and several council members were elected who had no affiliation to a polygamous sect located partially in Hildale, Utah.


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