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ogden fatal shooting
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Ogden police investigate fatal shooting at grocery store

(File photo: KSL TV)

OGDEN — The Ogden City Police Department is launching an investigation into the fatal shooting of a local grocery store owner in Weber County. 

(One of the candles with balloons left in front of the Super Grocery. Credit: Paul Nelson)

People living near the Super Grocery on Monroe Boulevard left flowers, balloons and candles outside of the store to honor the victim, Satnam Singh.  People like Bonnie Adams had been coming to the store for years, saying Singh made it feel like a special place.

“We were always coming to the store.  He was a kind-hearted person,” she says.

Adams says there would be times when she walked into the store in a foul mood, but Singh always asked her if she wanted to talk.  She says he could strike up a conversation with anyone and make them feel better.

“This is the kind of store that kept the community together.  If you needed to go in and buy something and you didn’t have enough money, he’d cover it and say, ‘Pay me back later, or whenever you can.’  That was the kind of generous person he was,” says Adams.

Others, like Tamara Lamont, say they were devastated to hear the news of Singh’s death.  She had many conversations with Singh, who admitted he had been robbed a few times.  However, he downplayed those robberies, saying he was happy to care for others in the community.

“It’s such a senseless, senseless death,” says Lamont.  For decades, he helped so many people.  That was his whole life, about helping people.”

(People left flowers on the front door of Super Grocery, left. To the right, crime scene tape blocking the other door. Credit: Paul Nelson)

Lamont is urging the shooter to turn themselves in, adding that this part of Ogden is a tight-knit community.

She says, “Say something.  Let’s get him some justice, and his family some justice.”

Authorities report Singh was killed during an altercation with a suspect Sunday night.  Ogden Police Lieutenant Brian Eynon says the unidentified suspect and Singh communicated briefly before the suspect fired a pistol.  Singh was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The suspect reportedly fled northwest from the business after the shooting. The motive for the shooting is unknown at this time.

Eynon says they hope people living near 675 North Monroe Boulevard will have security footage that can help them track down the suspect.

“A lot of people in the community have those doorbell cameras, and security and surveillance cameras in their house,” he says.

Police released a description of the suspect, saying, “The suspect is wearing a blue surgical mask, black gloves, a gray Oakland Raiders hoodie, black sweat type pants and dark colored shoes. There appears to be white lettering on the left pant leg. Investigators believe that the suspect may be 16-25 years old.”

The Ogden police detectives, along with the Weber County Homicide Task Force, the Ogden City Police ATAC and Weber County CSI are among the agencies investigating the shooting.  Anyone with information about the shooting and/or any security footage from around the area to Ogden police detectives at 801-629-8228.