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kids thwart fire Oneida Salt Lake City
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Kids help thwart a fire in their neighbor’s Salt Lake City garage

SALT LAKE CITY — The decision made by a group of boys in a close-knit Salt Lake City neighborhood on Friday night may have been a lifesaver.

And it was a pretty ordinary decision — to play outside, instead of inside.

In an exclusive report, KSL TV reporter Garna Mejia spoke to the kids that first spotted the blaze at 2135 South Oneida Street in Salt Lake City.

“I just remember smelling, like, smoke and fire and like, ‘who’s doing a barbeque?'” one child told Mejia.


What the child saw was an automobile on fire in his neighbor’s garage. He said he ran inside and told an older child to call 911.

And then some of the other kids ran to tell their parents. One adult grabbed a fire extinguisher thinking he could help.

“But he immediately runs back out when he hears a boom,” one child told Mejia.

Firefighters arrived and extinguished the flames. 

And the neighbor whose garage was on fire? He’s grateful.  “They certainly saved the day for us,” Steve Neiderhauser said.

Hear from the children themselves in Garna Mejia’s report above.