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Utah COVID-19 trends continue downward, vaccinations notable exception

SALT LAKE CITY — Numbers provided by the Utah Department of Health on Sunday show that for the most part and aside from the vaccination rate, Utah COVID-19 statistics continue on a downward trend.

The number of Utahns hospitalized with COVID-19 is one case in point: one month ago, on February 7,  health officials reported 329 Utahns were hospitalized with COVID-19. On March 7, 2021, that number was 191 and represented five continuous days that the number of hospitalizations in Utah dropped.

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Hospitalization rates were of particular concern, both in Utah and nationwide, because of the limited resources available to Utah health officials to care for people hospitalized with COVID-19. For a time there was concern that, because of these limited resources, health care for Utahns needing hospitalization but not for COVID-19 may have needed to be rationed.

One month ago, the number of new cases of COVID-19 reported in Utah was 908, and while there have been a few days since then that the number was higher, for the most part, this statistic continues a steady decline. 

The number of people testing positive on a daily basis for COVID-19 has shown the most steady decline. Since February 23, the “people over people” method for determining daily positive testing has decreased daily, from 13.34% to today’s figure of 9.2%.

On Sunday, the Utah Department of Health reported that 374,850 Utahns have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the global pandemic. That represents 412 new cases since the last report on Saturday.

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The number of vaccinations continues a steady increase, with 12,631 more Utahns receiving vaccination doses. The total number of Utahns who’ve received vaccination doses is now 855,663.

The rolling 7-day average for positive tests is 519 per day, while the rolling 7-day average for percent positivity when considering “people over people” is 9.2% The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “tests over tests” is 4.4%.

One more Utahn has died of COVID-19 since the last update from the Utah Department of Health. He was between the ages of 45-64, lived in Cache County, and was hospitalized at the time of his death.

The total number of Utahns who have died due to COVID-19 is now 1,976. Utah health officials reported on Sunday that one more