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Trouble finding a Utah vaccine location? You’re not alone

SALT LAKE CITY — The place to start when looking for a Utah vaccine location for a COVID-19 vaccine is the webpage managed by the state– That’s the first of several steps that are required to find and book an appointment.

But some Utahns told KSL the process is cumbersome and confusing, and even more so since more people have become eligible for the shot.

KSL TV anchor/reporter Debbie Worthen spoke with one woman who, though she considers herself to be computer savvy, says she struggled with the registration process.

“I went to ‘vaccine finder,’ which is what the state’s website tells you to do,” said Alison Taylor, “and they say there are no appointments available.”

But Worthen spoke with a representative from Salt Lake County Health who said, “with still some openings, this afternoon, on a Monday, that’s kind of a good sign.”

So somewhere, Worthen reports, there’s a disconnect. And it may be found in one of the first choices a resident must make.

Step one in finding Utah vaccine location:

This is the homepage of coronavirus.utah gov. It’s the first page residents will see when they visit the site.

Utah vaccine location


Step two: Where can I get vaccinated?

Click on the orange bar that reads “where can I get vaccinated?” By clicking that link, you’ll arrive at the web page pictured below.

Utah vaccine locations


Worthen reports Utahns may be missing the next important step: clicking on one of the three links under “where can I get vaccinated?” 

The choices are local health departments, healthcare providers, and local pharmacies, as seen below:

Utah vaccine locations



Step three: Choose local health departments, healthcare providers, or local pharmacies

As an example, if residents choose “local health departments,” the following screen appears:

Utah vaccine locations


From here, choose your local health department.  If you choose Salt Lake County, here’s what you’ll see next.


At this point, it’s up to the individual to determine if they are eligible for a first dose-vaccination appointment. There are several more steps to take, such as verifying residency and eligibility.

More than 310,000 Utahns have been fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. 

The advice is to keep looking and to be patient if possible. And perhaps be willing to take a drive, because now Utahns can go to any county in the state and not just the county in which they reside.