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Bobby Healey American Fork Canyon body found
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UPDATE: Body found in American Fork Canyon identified

Bobby Healey, found by search and rescue teams in American Fork Canyon on Tuesday, March 16. Photo: Utah County Sheriff's Office

AMERICAN FORK CANYON, Utah– The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the body recovered from American Fork Canyon on Tuesday is that of Bobby Healey, 28, of Saratoga Springs, Utah.

His body was found by Utah Department of Public Safety and search and rescue crews during a search for a reported missing hiker.


The initial search sparked when Healey, 28, didn’t return from a hike in the area over the weekend.  Utah County Sheriff’s Sergeant Spencer Cannon says his family asked for help finding him after his vehicle was found in a parking lot near the mouth of American Fork Canyon on Monday.

“They had information from a boss of his that he had talked about wanting to come up and do some hiking in this area,” he says.

Cannon says the last known cell phone location pinged to a very wide area between two towers.  A plane and a Department of Public Safety helicopter was used to scour the area.

“Or fixed-wing pilot was here, as well.  He located some tracks in the snow above this area,” he says.  “When the DPS helicopter got up there, they were able to get a little closer and located the body.”

Investigators believe the hiker fell from a cliff.

“Above here his body was found, there’s an almost vertical cliff face,” says Cannon. “There’s a slope that goes down from the base of the cliff and he was found a short distance down that slope.  He sustained significant trauma over most of his body, consistent with a fall from a height.”