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Midvale home invasion robbery
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Midvale home robbed in broad daylight while child studied

SALT LAKE CITY — “It was the longest seven-minute drive of my life, absolutely terrifying,” Emma Schilling told KSL TV reporter Andrew Adams. That was the time it took her to drive to her Midvale home.

She was rushing back to her 12-year-old daughter, who had called to say that somebody was inside the Midvale home.

Doorbell camera footage confirms that a masked man knocked on the front door. Unified Police say he then cut power to the home via the outdoor utility box and broke in through the front door.

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Lula Schilling told Adams that she moved quickly — first hiding, then calling her mother, and then the police. 

“At first I thought I was hearing things,” Schilling said. “And then I heard the door break open. Closed the door. Locked it … I could hear him checking this room, I could hear him in my bathroom.

“I heard him going through stuff, opening drawers.”

And all of this, according to Unified Police, was going on in broad daylight.

Schilling’s daughter wasn’t hurt. Police say the man stole guns, jewelry, and cash before police arrived. 

Unified Police ask anybody with information about this burglary to contact them.