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Planters ‘NUTmobile’ makes stop in Salt Lake City on Monday

Starting Monday, March 22, the Planters NUTmobile will visit Salt Lake City for about a week. Photo courtesy of Daniel Holton.

SALT LAKE CITY  —  Keep an eye out for the Planters Peanut NUTmobile, coming to Salt Lake City beginning on Monday, March 22. Behind the wheel will be a very lucky guy, Danny Holton, who says he is living his dream of driving the NUTmobile, and making people happy.

“It was such a dream, then I got the job and I was so excited that I got the opportunity to make people smile and represent an incredible, historic and iconic brand,” gushed Holton.

Holton, originally from San Francisco, latched on to the nutty gig as a business major at Arizona State University. He fell in love with the NUTmobile after it made a stop on campus on a recruiting trip. Danny knew right away that he wanted to be a driver.

“I actually took a job as a campus ambassador for a company because I wanted it to look great for this job,” according to Holton.

Danny says the Planters NUTmobile has a rich history dating back to 1935. Currently, there are only three in existence, one for the western part of the country, one for the eastern section and one for travel through middle America.  Wherever they tour, they’re immediately surrounded by adoring fans.

Danny says they’ll be in Salt Lake City for about a week, with planned stops at Salt Fire Brewing on Friday. He says you can book the NUTmobile for birthday parties and fun special events by going to their website  He says all events maintain safe social distancing.

Some other cities on the western leg of the tour include Tempe, AZ, Las Vegas, El Paso and Houston Texas.

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