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How to improve garden soil so your garden looks better than it ever has | 4 garden soil aids you’ll need this year

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UteliteThis article about how to improve your garden soil is sponsored by Utelite.

This year is going to be different for your garden? Why? Because you are going to be armed with some of the best soil around. With the help of just a few things, here’s how to improve your garden soil so your garden looks better than it ever has.

How to improve your garden soil starts with mulch

How to Improve Garden Soil - Mulch

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If you haven’t already, try adding mulch to your garden. Mulch is a layer of material made up of stuff like shredded wood or rubber. Spread it out on top of your soil to protect against erosion, conserve moisture, and help prevent weeds. It works as an erosion control too.

Use a quality compost

how to improve garden soil near me - Compost

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Compost is a gardener’s best friend. It provides nutrients and helps the soil compact less. While you can create your own, it’s best to use quality compost like Utelite’s Soil Builder Max. It helps ensure proper soil biology for deeper rooting and stronger yields. Plus it helps conserve water and maximize nutrient uptake, which is incredibly important since we all live in a desert.

Use an organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers come in three different types with each having its own benefits. Plant-based organic fertilizers have soil-improving carbon as well as enzymes and are generally considered great soil conditioners. Animal-based fertilizers have higher levels of the vital macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium. Finally, mineral-based fertilizers are not technically organic as they don’t have carbon, but they can be used as part of a garden fertilization program.

Soil conditioner

Spoil Conditioner - Utelite - How to Improve Garden Soil

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Using a soil conditioner like Utelite’s Soil Conditioner gives room for roots to get oxygen because of its porous texture. You’ll want to spread a 1 to 3-inch layer of the soil conditioner over the existing soil surface. Then mix the soil conditioner into the soil using a garden spade or roto-tiller to a depth of about 8 inches. The Utelite Soil Conditioner is available in bulk or in bags at your local nurseries or garden centers.

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