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grantsville killing
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Possible plea deal for Grantsville teen accused of killing his family members

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GRANTSVILLE – Attorneys are close to reaching a “resolution” in the case of a now 17-year old boy accused of killing four members of his family in Grantsville over a year ago.  Attorneys for both sides asked for a few more weeks to hammer out the specifics of a possible plea deal.

The status hearing for Colin Jeffery “CJ” Haynie lasted only minutes over WebEx. Haynie said very little as his attorney, Richard Van Wagoner, told the judge both sides were very close to reaching a resolution. Van Wagoner stated his office would finish his proposal for a deal, soon.

Tooele County Attorney Chief Deputy Gary Searle says, “Mister Van Wagoner is going to put it in writing.  He indicated he was hoping to do it today.  He said, during the hearing, he would get it done this week and present it to us.”

However, Searle says the defense team is only going to propose a framework of the deal. And both sides are going to have to negotiate on the specifics of the deal. Searle has spoken with the defense attorneys, but is not at liberty to discuss any of the specifics, yet.

(CJ Haynie. Family photo)

“The case is at the point where it could go in any direction. It could go toward a plea agreement. It could go to a preliminary hearing and go on to a trial,” Searle says.
Searle believes a plea deal would be one of the best possible outcomes for this case. But, the deal has to protect the interest of the victims, Haynie’s surviving father and Haynie himself.
“The community should be satisfied with it. It’s not something that is going to be something that shocks anyone out there if it does, indeed, happen,” he says. “It’s not necessarily the only outcome if it falls apart.”
Investigators say Haynie shot his mother while in their Grantsville house, then killed his siblings as they returned home. Haynie reportedly shot his father in the leg, but the father was able to wrestle the gun away from his son.
Haynie is charged with four counts of aggravated murder, and is being tried as an adult. The next hearing was scheduled for April 12.


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