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daybreak burglar left behind cape soiled with poop in garage
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Poop bandit: Daybreak burglar leaves behind DNA evidence

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Police in South Jordan continue to search for their number one suspect in a number two crime: a burglar and vandal who broke into a Daybreak garage, rummaging through a cancer survivor’s belongings before leaving human waste — poop — on the floor. 

Sgt. Eric Anderson was shocked by the unique DNA evidence. 

“I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, [and] I can’t recall a case where — you know, they’ll leave behind tools, or even clothing, but… fecal matter?!” Anderson said. 

Daybreak burglar leaves poop behind

The home belongs to Zaneta Gileno, who found the human feces on her garage floor.

“They used a pink breast cancer survivor cape and wiped it up, and then probably themselves, and then put the cape in the corner,” Gileno said. “That felt the most violating if I’m being honest … Like, you couldn’t use something else? You couldn’t poop someplace else?”

Breast cancer survivor Zaneta Gileno often wears her pink superhero cape to events for survivors

Breast cancer survivor Zaneta Gileno often wears her pink superhero cape to events for survivors. A Daybreak burglar used her cape to clean up human waste left in her garage. Photo: Zalena Gileno.

In addition to the unwelcome Daybreak poop deposit, Gileno told KSL TV the burglar or burglars stole $4,000 items worth of her belongings. 

“My bins were rummaged through — they took my computer monitor, my camping gear, my crafts.”

No cameras in area

Police checked with neighbors, but no one saw anything and there are no nearby security cameras. They advise area residents to lock up their homes and garages. 

“Make sure your garage door is closed, your doors are locked, you’re not leaving valuables in your vehicle even if it is parked in your garage,” Anderson said.

They ask anyone with information about the crime to call South Jordan police at 801-446-4357.

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