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Bear Lake Rentals - Garden City
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Before you book your family trip: Here’s what you need to know about Bear Lake rentals this spring and summer

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This article about Bear Lake rentals is sponsored by the Bear Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Renting a cabin is absolutely the best way to experience the incredible landscape of Bear Lake in both Utah and Idaho. But before you pile your family in your car, there a few things about renting in Bear Lake that will make your journey that much more rewarding.

Book your Bear Lake rentals in advance

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Booking in advance sounds like a no-brainer. But, it’s how far ahead you need to book. Lodging around Bear Lake fills up in the spring and summer really quickly. That means you need to book cabins in the area early in the year so you can get the best possible rates and locations. Not that there are any bad locations. 

Find the right accommodations

Family Vacation - Bear Lake Rentals

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Booking ahead means you should be able to get a better pick of where you can stay. Bear Lake is a family destination, and big families obviously aren’t going to be able to be comfortable in a 2 person cabin. Make sure to check out some of the larger cabins available since some can even sleep up to 48 people. 

Pick your activities

Boating - Bear Lake Rentals

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When you are planning out your stay in one of the awesome cabins in the bear lake area, make sure you and your family decide what kind of activities you want to do. Reserve your activity rentals before you have to wait in line. That way you won’t be disappointed because something is unavailable. This goes for all watercraft as well as any land-based motorsports rentals. Rent them now before you can’t later.

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