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SLCDA Kearns murder
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The SLCDA needs more time before officially filing charges in the Kearns murder

(Photo credit KSL5TV)

SALT LAKE CITY- The Salt Lake County District Attorney, SLCDA,  is asking for more time before officially filing charges for the Kearns murder. The victim was taken from her home in Kearns, then reportedly shot in an apartment in West Valley last month.

Prosecutors say after Nicole Solorio-Romero was forced from her home in Kearns, she was taken to a residence on Elba Avenue in West Valley.  There, charging documents indicate she was interrogated by Orlando “Chaparro” Tobar about what she may have told investigators about an associate who is now in federal custody.

The six arrests were made over the course of February stating Solorio-Romero fell victim to homicide. The booking statement says one witness claimed Tobar would kill them if they spoke about the shooting to anyone.  Two others say they heard the gunfire shortly after Solorio-Romero was taken inside.  Another says he witnessed the shooting, although he couldn’t specify if Tobar or Medina was the gunman.

SLCDA Sim Gill reported he needs more time before filing charges against four of the six people accused of taking part in the murder of a Kearns woman. Gill is not able to discuss specific details of the case surrounding Solorio-Romero because it is an ongoing investigation. 

Additionally, according to Gill cases with multiple suspects are generally more complex than others. In a crime like this, they have to sift through all of the evidence they will present for a coherent case.

This is considered a high-profile case because it has gained the attention of the media due to the unique and bizarre nature. 

With mass amounts of evidence, this prompted Gill to ask for an extension which according to him is not that uncommon.

Gill was granted an extension that lasts through April 2nd, and he said they’ll likely make their decision after that.