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Wildlife resources officers seek information in deer poaching case

Conservation officers found multiple boot prints and deer hair at the poaching scene. Photo: Division of Wildlife Resources

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is looking for information in a case of deer poaching in Duchesne County. 

Conservation officers say the deer poaching happened Feb. 14, 2021, near Sam’s Wash Road, south of US 40, in the western part of the county. Someone, possibly multiple people, reportedly killed the deer, dragged it over to the road, then removed it using a vehicle. 

DWR seeking multiple deer poaching suspects

“Multiple boot prints found at the scene indicate that more than one person was involved in the illegal activity,” DWR officials wrote in a news release. 

Officers believe the deer poaching took place either on or just before Valentine’s Day. 

 The agency says poachers killed over 1,000 animals illegally in Utah in 2020, with an estimated value of over $379,000. 

DWR officials ask anyone with information about the deer poaching case to contact conservation officers:  

Additionally, for information about this case, you may call Officer Jake Greenwood at 435-322-0599. The DWR said your information can be kept confidential, and a reward may be available. 

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