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Murray food pantry wheelchair ramp stolen, community comes together

MURRAY, Utah — A Murray food pantry will receive a new wheelchair ramp after someone stole the one outside their building. 

The Murray Children’s Pantry President Jim Brass said they give out about 4,000 meals a month. They also provide 35 food bags to two local elementary schools as well as to the local senior center.

Stolen Murray ramp leaves personal impact

Brass’s wife Jennifer is one of their best volunteers and shows up to help in her wheelchair. Jim Brass said she’s had multiple sclerosis for 30 years; that ramp gives her the ability to show up and help needy families. 

“It baffles me. That is a necessary piece of equipment,” said Jim Brass. “We have someone who can’t work here if they can’t get into the building.”

Jim Brass said the cost to replace the ramp would equate to about 260 meals that can’t go out into the community of Murray. In the meantime, Jim Brass has been carrying his wife into the pantry to help out, in spite of having undergone shoulder and hip replacement surgeries.

“People look at Murray as a traditionally wealthy community, but in fact we have many people who suffer from food shortage,” Jim Brass said. “The pandemic hit this city very hard. Many children have nothing to eat on Saturdays and Sundays, outside of weekday school lunches. We are doing all we can to stop hunger.”

Donors bridge the gap

The Brasses said after word got out that the ramp had been stolen, the community that they serve stepped in to literally bridge the gap.

“People said they will contribute the wood, people said they would contribute a new temporary ramp, it just goes on and on,” said Jennifer Brass.

“We find we tear up a lot here,” said Jim Brass. “I can’t say enough about this community. We couldn’t be here without that kind of help.”

They said they expect a new ramp to be installed on Monday. 

The Murray Children’s Pantry is open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon and Jim said it’s a no-questions-asked environment.

Anyone who is in need and hungry can visit the pantry and a bag of food will be waiting for them.

The pantry is also holding a food drive on Tuesday. They said all non-perishable items are accepted, and their most needed items right now are cereal, macaroni & cheese, pudding cups, crackers.


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