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Provo kicks off Kindness Week

A woman holds a Provo Kindness "Kindness starts here" sign. Courtesy Provo Kindness Facebook

PROVO, Utah — The city of Provo is hoping to get residents to connect with neighbors and community members during what they’re calling Kindness Week.

Organizer Jennifer Partridge says they’re asking people to reach out and connect with their community through acts of kindness during the week of service.

“Kindness week, especially, will really help us be intentional about making connections with people [and] reaching out,” she said.

The message according to the Provo Kindness committee is to, “cultivate a community of understanding, empathy, connection, and respect.​”

“Kindness is so much deeper than the actions we perform, as good as those may be. Kindness is about our inner attitudes. It’s about being genuine in seeing others as fellow human beings and treating them as such.”

 Kindness starts here 

This year’s kindness week kicked off on Monday in Provo, and the city says events will take place all week long, including virtual conversations, and activities for families.

Provo City has also set up kindness stations at the city Rec Center, 311 City Hall, and the Riverwoods where kindness bingo games will be played. Additionally, community Kindness Rocks can be left and picked up.

“Provo is known for being #1 in volunteerism, and we’re good about looking out for our neighbor, and this is just one more thing that we can engage and put into our repertoire to make Provo even better,” Mayor Michelle Kaufusi said during the kickoff.

Some of the suggestions the Provo Kindness Committee listed and are part of their bingo card were to: 

  • Be kind to your server or cashier: Smile, make eye contact, ask how they’re doing
  • Do something for one of your neighbors that you don’t know well. Introduce yourself, give them a card with your names and phone numbers, etc.
  • Make Kindness Rocks & leave them in your neighborhood, on a trail, or at one of the city kindness stations for others to find
  • Have a Judgment Free Day: assume the best of others & don’t try to feel better about yourself by putting others down
  • Kindness to yourself: Take at least 20 minutes for you. Read a book, get some fresh air, work on a hobby, etc
  • Do some unplanned spontaneous service: hold the door for people, pick up some trash, put a grocery cart away, etc. (be on the look-out for ways to serve!)

Provo starts program of “Kindness”

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