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Project Recovery: Sarah Frei talks about losing legs to DUI driver’s crash

SALT LAKE CITY — Ten months after Sarah Frei was hit by a drunk driver in a horrific car accident — leading to a three-month hospital stay and her legs being amputated — she sat down with Project Recovery host Casey Scott to speak about her experience. 

Scott, a recovering alcoholic, had once caused an accident himself while driving drunk. As the two spoke, Frei said she wished the driver who caused her accident handled the situation more like Scott did. 

“It would be a lot easier to forgive if my driver said sorry,” Frei said. 

Frei was on her way home from Bear Lake on July 30, 2020, when her car was hit by a suspected drunk driver in Logan Canyon. The crash “instantly paralyzed” from the waist down and she later had to have her legs amputated. 

She underwent 20 surgeries and was in the hospital for about three months. Since being released, Frei’s been inspiring anyone who hears her story. 

Over the last few months, Frei’s continued cheerleading, finishing high school remotely, speaking at church fireside chats and more.

I just try to make the most out of every situation because I can’t control what has happened to me,” she said. “I’m not doing much. There’s not like a secret formula. I just am who I am and want to spread positivity.”  


You can listen to the full conversation between Sarah Frei and Project Recovery host Casey Scott here: 

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