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Utah won’t see a spike in gas prices after major US fuel pipeline shutdown, says AAA Utah

As Utahns look to hit the road for the holiday weekend, most drivers can expect to pay a premium at the pump. (PHOTO: Canva.)

SALT LAKE CITY — A major fuel pipeline has shut down on America’s East Coast after a cyberattack. But the good news for Utah drivers is this: We won’t see a spike in gas prices because of it.

AAA Utah spokesperson Aldo Vasquez said that’s in part because Utah largely gets its gasoline from the West.

According to Vasquez, the Colonial Pipeline shutdown could raise prices in states from Tennessee to Mississippi, and Georgia to Delaware by 3 to 7 cents per gallon.

Utah gas shortage

If drivers notice anything at Utah pumps, it could be a shortage of gasoline at certain stations. 

“It’s likely due to the fact that there is a shortage of truck drivers delivering gasoline, rather than the impact from the pipeline,” said Vasquez.

This type of issue would only increase the cost of gasoline by a few cents. Another issue impacting the price of gasoline in Utah is consumer demand. Drivers will likely see gas prices rise as Memorial Day draws closer.