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Drivers can expect more highway patrol troopers and higher gas prices for holiday weekend


SALT LAKE CITY — This holiday weekend the Utah Highway Patrol will be out enforcing speed limits, arresting impaired drivers, and busting left-lane abusers. The agency will have additional troopers on the roads through Monday. 

It’s going to be a busy July 4 holiday weekend, and the biggest priority for the Utah Highway Patrol is curbing a recent trend of excessive speeds on our freeways.

Troopers say you won’t get to your destination any faster, and you’ll be liable for a citation. 

“One minute, you’re going to be speeding, going that 80-90 (miles per hour), but then another minute you’re going to get slowed down,” says Corporal Tara Wahlberg. “So, you’re really just playing this game of fast and slow, fast and slow, and you’re legit not getting anywhere faster.” 

Corporal Wahlberg says troopers in Salt Lake County will also be running an informal DUI checkpoint on I-15 tonight. She also encourages people hauling toys to be extra careful. 

“If you’re pulling your trailer or camper or whatever, slow down, increase your following distance, look out for other cars, and give yourself more time to get to your destination,” says Wahlberg. 

Gas prices are expected to be higher

The average for a regular gallon of gas is $3.57, according to AAA.

Not only will gas be pricey, it might also be hard to find. KSL Newsradio has heard reports of some gas stations running out of gas.