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Let's Get Moving with Maria: The empowered wife
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Let’s Get Moving with Maria: The Empowered Wife

Let's Get Moving with Maria: The empowered wife

SALT LAKE CITY — Every married couple knows there are ups and downs in a marriage. It was during one of those down times that Laura Doyle, the author of “The Empowered Wife,” said she had a breakthrough on how to better manage her marriage.

Marriage and family therapist Dr. Liz Hale discussed tips from the book “The Empowered Wife” on the podcast Let’s Get Moving with Maria Shilaos. 

“Women, men we all have different strengths in a relationship,” Hale said.  “Two different people bring those different gifts like the yin and the yang.”  She describes yin as the feminine receptive energy, and yang as the masculine active energy. 

“Just that alone, just think of receptive and active already give us an idea of men doing more, women doing less,” said Dr. Hale.

But, she added, of course, that’s not true.

“Women are overdoing, and then they are resentful.”

These are five tips that Dr. Hale said can lead to being an empowered wife.

The 5 ways to be empowered

1. Receive

When your spouse takes the time to get you a gift or clean the house, we should always thank them genuinely for their thoughtfulness.

2. Relinquish Control 

Stop trying to control those around you, focus on yourself and your needs.

3. Create a spouse fulfilling prophecy

Approach a situation with a positive start rather than a negative to be receptive.

4. Tell the truth about yourself, be vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to tell them how you really feel, vulnerability can be empowering, especially with someone you trust.

5. Restore respect

Aretha Franklin said it best “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”, respect can be more important than love.

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