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The Cat’s Meow: Salt Lake is one of the best cities in the US to be a cat

Cat with bow (Stock: Unsplash)

SALT LAKE CITY — A new study ranks Salt Lake City as the third best and friendliest city in the country — for cats. 

According to pet insurance company One-Vet, after ranking 5 factors across 50 cities in the US, Salt Lake City came out victorious. 

One-Vet said they used five different factors to determine a friendliness scale for felines. They looked at things like the number of rentals per one-thousand that allow cats, the number of veterinarians, the number of cat adoptions, and the number of “Cat Cafes.”

It looks like a Tinker’s Cat Cafe on 900 S could have edged Salt Lake above the competition. On their website, the cat cafe says they are the first feline-friendly cafe in Utah that provides adoption services alongside pastries and “catpuccinos.” 

Also adding to the high scores in Salt Lake was a relatively high number of cats that were adopted per population. Salt Lake ranked 5th overall in the number of adoptions per 100,000. (So the C in SLC may stand for cat.)


The two cities that beat Salt Lake were both from Florida, with Miami taking the top spot and Orlando coming in a close second.

On the flip side, the worst place for some feline friends was New York City. The difficulty for owners to find cat-friendly homes, close veterinarians, and pet stores were the biggest pitfalls according to One-Vet.

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