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Money Making Sense: Some would rather quit if they can’t work from home

In an episode of Money Making Sense, host Heather Kelley discussed new research from Bloomberg about workers who want to stay home. Photo: Canva

SALT LAKE CITY — A surprising number of workers would rather quit if they can’t work from home.  

That’s according to a new survey from Bloomberg, which also found that an even larger number of people are willing to take a pay cut if they can continue working from home.

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Anders Melin, the wealth reporter for Bloomberg, spoke on the KSL Newsradio podcast Money Making Sense with Heather Kelly and said “39% of workers would at least consider quitting if their employers were not flexible about remote work.”

Melin said companies are going to have to figure out how to deal with the changes these employees are demanding. “While we haven’t seen a mass exodus of people from their jobs, yet…  it’s certainly something lots and lots of people are thinking about.”

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Meanwhile, an even larger group of workers, 65%, said they’re willing to take a 5% pay cut to stay working remotely.  Many cite the cost of child-care along with concerns over their health as to why they don’t want to leave the house.  While others said they don’t want to deal with the commute anymore.

Some companies are starting to offer incentives like free lunches and child care to entice people who would rather quit back to the office.  But, it doesn’t appear to be enough to bring workers back in droves.

You can hear the entire conversation about quitting or going back to work on the Money Making Sense podcast, below.




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