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Murray flooding
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Murray condo complex cleans up after flooding

Basement entrance of the clubhouse at Willowbrook Condominiums, 415 E Creekside Cir, Murray, UT. Taken 8/18/21 by Nick Wyatt, KSL Newsradio

MURRAY, Utah — Residents of the Willowbrook Condominium complex are cleaning up after a heavy storm that brought flooding to several units and the clubhouse Wednesday. 

Flooding at Murray apartment complex

The complex at 415 E Creekside Cir, Murray, is essentially divided in half by Little Cottonwood Creek. The afternoon rain pushed the creek above normal levels and through a rock/concrete barrier. The rush of water quickly pushed several inches of water into as many as one dozen floor-level units on the west side of the creek. 

“Every single one of these units on this side has completely flooded with at least six inches of water,” said Katie Rogel, a resident of Willowbrook Condominiums.

Murray apartment cleanup 

While residents surveyed the damage and took cellphone photos of the aftermath, maintenance crews and disaster cleanup companies helped pumped water out of common areas and mop messes out of homes. 

The basement of the Willowbrook clubhouse had several feet of water to pump out. 

Rogel lives on the east side of the creek where the rock/concrete barrier is higher. She worries the creek could rise again, spill over the barrier, and into her floor-level unit. 

More flooding to come to Murray

“I’m hoping we can get sandbags out here because I’m worried about my place tonight,” Rogel said. 

With more rain coming Wednesday night, it’s possible that might happen.