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Utah Food Bank gets $100K memorial contribution

The Utah Food Bank says concerns over the transmission of COVID-19 have depleted their volunteers! Image credit, Utah Food Bank)

SALT LAKE CITY– The Michael and Robin Lally Forward Foundation is giving a $100,000 contribution to the Utah Food Bank in memory of Robin’s late sister, Heather Farr. The family says it wants to “create a significant positive impact in the community she so loved.”

Utah Food bank

A $100,000 donation was made to the Utah Food Bank in memory of Heather Farr, who died recently at age 42. (Photo: Michael and Robin Lally Forward Foundation)

Heather Farr died recently at the age of 42.

Ginette Bott, President and CEO of the UFB, says Robin and Heather knew what it was like to struggle to put food on the table.

“In their lifetime, these girls struggled with the issue of food insecurity. They recognized what a challenge it was for their family to go without,” Bott told KSL Newsradio.

And she says this was an especially meaningful gift to some staff members at the food bank who had known Heather in high school.

“We have gifts made all the time to us in remembrance, but to have one to be this size and to have it this heartfelt, it’s been really emotional for the staff,” she said.

The food bank serves more than 200 local food pantries in all 29 counties of Utah. Bott says the COVID1-19 pandemic has increased food insecurity and the Food Bank’s services are needed now more than ever.