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Pest control delivered | Why Pestie is the subscription pest control treatment system you need around your home

Photo has been provided by Pestie.

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This article about pest control delivered right to your door is presented by Pestie

Are you tired of pest control people knocking on your door? But you’re still sick of all those spiders and insects making themselves comfortable inside your house? Have you ever wanted pest control that was on your own terms? Now there’s a simpler way. Meet Pestie: the affordable subscription-based DIY pest control that’s customized for your home.

Pestie delivers professional-grade pest control right to your door – And it even comes with the applicator!

Pestie - Pest Control

When you order treatment from Pestie, you’ll get a pesticide concentrate that is customized to your exact location to get rid of all the creepy crawlies around you. And you get a Pestie Application Kit to make applying your treatment a piece of cake. The box also comes with an application mixing bag that hooks directly to the applicator, some nitrile gloves to keep your skin nice and protected, and of course, step-by-step directions.

In less than 5 minutes your treatment will be done

Finished - That was easy - Pest Control

The easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, combined with the one-touch electric sprayer, make applying pesticide easy. Here’s how to use Pestie:

  1. Fill the included application bag with water until it’s full. Then pour the pesticide concentrate into the bag.
  2. Spray around the foundation of your home in a 4-foot band, then 2 feet up the side of the home, and 2 feet away from the home on the ground. Then simply apply around your windows, door frames, window wells, and garage door openings.
  3. Finally, spray your front porch railings, under any backyard decks, inside your garage, and any other cracks or crevices that might be hiding around your home.

Your next kit is delivered right to your door when it’s time for your next treatment

Pest control - Pestie

While Pestie is available without a subscription, the subscription is really the way to go. You’ll automatically receive a new shipment when it’s the perfect time to reapply. That means you won’t even need to put it on your calendar. 

When it comes time for your next treatment, Pestie checks seasonality, weather patterns, and what the common bugs are in your area. They want to make sure you get the product and treatment schedule you need for your home. In most areas, when you are subscribed, you’ll get a new delivery about every 3 months.

Pest control the easy way

All of the products Pestie sells come with the Pestie Promise which guarantees that if you are not satisfied with your experience, They’ll do whatever it takes to make it right, free of charge. The pesticide concentrate not only has a quick initial knockdown but also a long-lasting release, creating a barrier that protects your home for months. And everything sent to you by Pestie can be used on homes with pets and children when used as directed.

Pest control is one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance. While it might seem low-priority, bug infestations can cause permanent damage to your home. That’s not to mention how dangerous venomous spiders can be, especially with children or pets. That’s why, for less than $40/application, Pestie sends you a pest control subscription kit. That’s way less than your average pest control company! And each kit is customized specifically to your yard. The pesticide is even designed to mimic plants that repel pests in nature.

You’ll get the same professional-grade pesticide that top traditional pest control companies use, but for a fraction of the cost. Get a bug-free home without long contracts, pushy salespeople, or high prices.

But best of all? This subscription box ensures that you only have to spray a couple of times a year. Check out Pestie today right HERE.