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Multiple weekend search and rescue missions in Utah

Photo: Salt Lake County Search and Rescue

SALT LAKE CITY — A number of search and rescue calls were made across the Wasatch front during the weekend. 

The Salt Lake County search and rescue (SAR) team were called out for a dehydrated hiker who needed help off Mount Olympus on Sunday afternoon.  

The team posted on Facebook that the hiker became dehydrated around 4 pm and started vomiting because of the heat. A medical helicopter  was called in because the dehydrated person also had a pre-existing medical condition. 

The patient’s partner was helped off Mount Olympus by a SAR team.  The operation took 2 1/2 hours.


The Utah County Sheriff’s Office reported it had to rescue a hiker near Alpine.  Sgt. Spencer Cannon said a 40-year old man fell 30 feet at Horsetail Falls.

Cannon said the man was not critically injured but it was an effort to help him.  The area above Alpine was not showing up on GPS so a medical helicopter was used to help locate him.

Eventually, the Department of Safety (DPS) hoisted the man to safety; he was transported to a hospital by ambulance. 

A man fell to his death on Dromedary Point. Hikers in Little Cottonwood Canyon later found the body; a DPS helicopter was called to removed the victim.  The Salt Lake County SAR Facebook page sent condolences to friends and family, but the name of the man has not been released. 

Hikers find body in a Wasatch-Uintah ridgeline trail

Officials reminded hikers to be prepared before going out on Utah’s trails.  They say take double the amount of water you think you’ll need and understand the terrain you will be hiking.

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