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My Minute of News: C’mon, get happy with Utah, the happiest state

The view of the Salt Lake City skyline against the Wasatch Mountains is just one reason why Utahns report good quality of life. Photo: Canva

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SALT LAKE CITY — Once again, Utah has been ranked the Happiest State in America. 

A new WalletHub survey used 31 key indicators of contentment to determine which states are happy and which ones are miserable, and Utah outranked them all as the happiest. 

Why Utah is the happiest state

Among the reasons Utah is the happiest state: 

  • Best work environment 
  • 6th best for good sleep 
  • Lowest divorce rate 
  • 4th safest state 
  • 1st in volunteering

And when you crunch all the numbers, we’re number one. Everybody, all together: WE’RE NUMBER ONE! 

So I’m absolutely overjoyed to explain that even though we’re at each others’ throats over mask mandates, and scream at each other about vaccinations, even after a summer of wildfire smoke, despite Critical Race Theory and a critical water shortage, too much screen time, too many selfies, not enough me time, and not enough free time… despite all the rage about pronouns and property taxes and pollution and police and who’s lives matter, and a labor shortage, even though the airport’s too big and the prison’s too small, there’s too much traffic and not enough kindness… even with all of that, Utah still comes in as the happiest state in America.

We’re happier than West Virginia, mired at the bottom of the list. But we’re also happier than Floridians, just a stone’s throw from Disney World. We even rank happier than Hawaiians, eating coconuts under palm trees. 

I just want to point out that even with the myriad of problems that afflict each and every one of us? 

Utah ain’t so bad. 

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